Zoznam- Basic Beauty: following the example of Parisians (Basics for Beauty)

Basic Beauty

Basics for beauty based on the model of Parisians

Basic Beauty

 Minor joys form our radiance

Basic Beauty: Women from the land of the Gallic rooster can talk to you for hours about beauty, but they refuse to spend them by the mirror in the bathroom. Many masks, creams, tonics or serums do not belong to the category of followers, they prefer their own reason. You will love their beauty tips because you will fall in love. They are simple, efficient and really work.


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Parisians stick to a simple motto, which according to them describes everything, in the field of beauty:

“With a pinch of makeup and quality cosmetics, every single woman looks better and more attractive.”

It is important for these women to enjoy the things they use every weekday. Therefore, many times, in addition to the content, they also notice the packaging itself. They like nice boxes, stylish bottles and tubes. It is precisely such trifles that evoke a good mood in them, which, of course, can be seen later in their radiance. In short, it adds to the attractiveness.

1. Irreplaceable and crucial

Although it may seem strange to some, what these women really endure is a beautiful smile. Therefore, what and how they brush their teeth is important to them.

A quality toothbrush is, in their understanding, simply a must-have. As well as paste with a whitening effect. According to them, there is nothing worse than a beautiful woman, on whom you will first notice yellowed teeth.

2. A legend that doesn’t get old and neither do you

What every Parisian in her handbag wears is the legendary eight-hour Elizabeth Arden cream – it perfectly hydrates the skin, adds freshness and brightens it. Balanced and unified skin is simply something that every woman needs to feel more confident. 

3. A dazzling look

When applying, these women do not allow mascara . While this is not completely common in our country, these ladies only portray their upper lashes. The bottoms are intentionally omitted.

This is so that they do not act so strictly, but rather more gently. They do not allow the Guerlain brand, which does not stick to algae and makes them naturally longer and more impressive.

For skin care and make-up, forget about: 

  • too thick a layer of makeup, especially if it is really dark
  • eyeshadows with glitter – the only thing that brightens are wrinkles around the eyes
  • too much matte powder, applied in several layers, causes flakes
  • the pink shade does not belong to the lips – the translucent shine always works best – at any age
  • never use soap and too much water on your skin – ideally is a tonic or cleansing milk

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