Outcamp- Easy Ways for Cooking at the Campsite (2021)


Cooking: Ways at the Campsite

Cooking in a Camping site can be an enjoyable activity if you are part of the “All-Stars University Team” who has an annual camp cook-off. This group enjoys camping so much they have started a website where others can take part in a monthly cook-off. Information on how to join and other information is on the website. On this site you will find great information on cooking in a Camping site, how to build a camp fire, what items to bring to your new Camping site and much more.

Camping holidays are often synonymous with conviviality. It is an ideal occasion to socialize and to sympathize with its neighbors around a delicious meal (after the aperitif of course). You will be able to reveal in broad daylight the blue cord that lies dormant in you! But it is better to be well equipped beforehand, so as not to risk a public humiliation by the chef of the land next door (the blond as Gad Elmaleh would say)! So to avoid unpleasant surprises, Outcamp has prepared a complete inventory of equipment to remember.

Cooking and camping are not mutually exclusive!

To keep cool

When the weather is nice and temperatures start to rise, keeping food cool is often a problem. Of course you can keep your beers in the river, but you have to admit that it gets complicated with food… So what means do you have?
To keep your food cool,  mini-fridges and table tops  will be the most efficient. However, if your budget is more limited, you can equip yourself with a   rigid cooler , electric or not. Note that the cooling and storage time of food in a cooler is much less important than in a traditional fridge. In addition, the cooling performance varies enormously from one model to another.

To cook with ease

• The gas or electric stove:  it is a must for holidays when you are going to camp. It will obviously be used to cook and heat your meals (or to sterilize your arrows for your next hunting trip). It must be compact to be easily transported, but also stable so as not to tip over at the slightest gust of wind.

• The barbecue:  grilling is often synonymous with holidays. For safety reasons, gas and electric models are often the only ones that can be used on the campsite. In some cases you can have a collective barbecue provided by the campsite.

• The plancha:  it is the perfect alternative to the barbecue, small and easy to clean, it will fit more easily in the trunk of your car. The advantage of the plancha is that it is possible to grill more things there than on the barbecue (fish, vegetables, seafood, onions, etc.). If you are camping in a tent and you do not have electricity on your site: leave it in your garage.

To eat comfortably

• Camping tableware:  you are not going to take your favorite tableware set with you for your vacation (well, we do not recommend it). Heavy and fragile, you might regret it. It is therefore preferable to equip yourself with dishes specific to the campsite. Melamine glasses, cups and plates are safe from breaking and are much easier to clean. There remains of course the solution of disposable plates and cutlery which are the best friends of allergy sufferers …

• The camping table and chairs:  with this material, it is a question of reconciling comfort and saving space, the tables and chairs must therefore be foldable and sturdy to travel over time. There are camping tables for all uses (picnic table, suitcase table, folding table, etc.). You can also eat on the floor but it is less comfortable …

• Kitchen furniture:  the pile of rucksacks at the bottom of the tent is not bad, but it has its limits! Storage furniture dedicated to camping is light and foldable. They will allow you to place your clothes, your provisions as well as your kitchen equipment. You will finally be able to feel at ease, in a tidy camp.

If you are in the preparations and find that you are missing equipment, we recommend the Raviday site which specializes in the sale of camping equipment on the Internet.

Here you have everything you need to cook up a good little meal during your next camping trip. But horror! What are you going to be able to cook? Don’t panic, Outcamp offers a selection of recipes suitable for camping!

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