Interior Lifestyle- Best 5 Home Office Ideas to set up in your own room

Home Office Ideas

5 Ideas for the Home Office

Home Office Ideas

Home Office Ideas- A few weeks ago on IG I opened a question box dedicated to IKEA. The idea is simple, I answered interior questions by giving only IKEA products as solutions.

Among the many questions, one kept coming back: how do I organize a home office space in the house?
So I decided to collect five ideas that can be adapted even if the space in question is for a child {I too will have to address the subject as soon as I fix the children’s room, Enea needs his desk!

1. SVALNAS modular solution

Home Office Ideas

Still staying at IKEA, I can only start with the Svalnas modular composition for this home idea office. I like it very much, it winks at mid-century design and has endless possibilities. Perfect in any room, given its not bulky dimensions, it also lends itself to those unexpected spaces, such as a corridor.

2. DIY desk  for Home Office

Having identified a dead space in your own Home Office room {in the photo for example it is between a wardrobe and a window}, it is possible to create a working corner with a very simple plywood board. In this case, on the one hand it is fixed to the cabinet and on the other hand to a bracket. Painted in white it immediately becomes super chic!

3. String composition

You know my love for String, therefore an option could not be missing with this composition. Here the slightly wider desk module has been added to the three shelves. The beauty of this composition is that you can modify it as you like over time, adding or moving the modules.

4. Built in customized Home Office

Custom-made projects allow you to indulge yourself with ideas and exploit space to the millimeter. In this case, the workstation was created in a hallway on the landing between one floor and the other of the house and a closed storage space was added.

5. IVAR stainless steel

I close with a great love of mine, always IKEA, a must that I find brilliant, the IVAR composition, here declined in a kids friendly version.
In this case, the 50cm module, the largest one, was used and a sort of frame was created all around. The shelf then becomes the desk top. Again the possibilities are endless and can change over time and according to needs.

Hope I’ve given you some more ideas for your workspace!

Photo credits:
2. Stadshem
3. Poppytalk
4. VT wonen
5. burgsonworld

Home Office Ideas


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