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Home Improvement

A Way For Home Improvement this New Year

By Vishakha Sonawane

Home Improvement: With every New Year comes new resolutions. So, this time too, a lot of fun and surprises await in the coming year. We make New Year resolutions for our health, weight, money and other things. But why do we always keep our house out from this important list? There are some resolutions for your home that you must adhere to. 


You must include your ‘nest’ in the list of  resolutions. From decoration to cleanliness, and from maintenance to improvement, it is necessary to keep all the aspects in mind before chalking out the  resolutions for your home. This will not only make your house steady but will also cut out unnecessary clutter from your life.

Home Improvement

The best New Year resolutions for your home is to systematise it. Streamline your daily use items and keep it organised. Get rid of the clutter which has been sitting in your kitchen and bedroom cabinets for months. Let your house breath free.

Finish Tasks
Complete the tasks that you have been long delaying. Arrange your wardrobe, family photos, clean the artwork, just finish whatever project you were planning. You can also consider completing smaller tasks first and then scheduling bigger ones every month.

Home Improvement

Check For Safety
Analyse the safety of your house. Check the wires, electrical items, locks, and fix them if they are old or used for a long time. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Home Improvement

Due to Christmas and New Year party, your budget must have sky-rocketed. Now is the time to keep an eye on your finances. Do not splurge any more. Also, cut the light bills. You can do this by changing light bulbs, unplugging appliances, and turning off lights when not in use.

Home Improvement

Maintenance and Cleaning
This might sound boring but it is better to plan the cleaning and maintaining of the house. Depending on the time you have, schedule weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions of cleaning your entire house. Once you have planned it, stick to it.

These simple New Year resolutions will make your home little more manageable and safe. Have a Happy New Year!

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